Stolen City release excellent new track “The Tower” which tackles depression and PTSD

The new single (The Tower) was written as a letter by lead singer Sean to his girlfriend Amy to explain that no matter what she has, or will go through in life, that he will be there to help her through it. With addiction & violence occurring in the home when she was a child, it has had a knock-on effect in her later life leading to PTSD and depression. Sean wrote the song to show Amy that he would help her through anything that she came up against in her life, whether it was something in her past, present or future. Stolen City hopes that this song shows people that no matter what’s going on in their lives or the lives of others close to them that there is always a reason to carry on and someone there to help you through those hard times.

Ones to watch, Check out the brand new track from Stolen City




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