That Lisa O’Neill charm: An Irish treasure

Okay let’s get one thing straight here, Lisa O’Neill is a big deal in the Hoban household.

Almost every Sunday morning I go to the old vinyl collection and chose a Lisa O’Neill record to put on while I read a chapter from a book I maybe reading at that time.

For me Lisa O’Neill is one of the most honest female singer songwriters in Ireland. I guess it maybe the way she conveys her thoughts and translates those feelings into song.

Lisa O’Neill should really need no introduction. One of Ireland’s finest shepherds in songwriting


She was born in Cavan and moved to Dublin at the age of 18. Her first album ‘Has An album’ was released in 2009 but it would be have being a few years before I was introduced to her music.

I find it really interesting to learn that she would play regularly in pubs around Dublin City before she ever released her first record in 2009. Making a name for herself as a contender on the Dublin traditional folk music scene.

I’m writing this whatever you want to call it, feature, or article on this Sunday morning to try and describe to you all why I think she is one of the best female songwriters in Ireland right, because for some who have yet to discover the artist may feel this is a bold statement.

It’s the way she describes Irish in a very witty manner and her variations  on modern Irish life.

Its this that has gained her popularity and set her apart as a unique talent. She normally goes out on an Irish tour at least once a year so if you find out that she is playing in your town or area please make a note to go and check her out live. You won’t be disappointed, trust me!

I was lucky enough to catch her live in the intimate setting of the Linenhall Arts centre in Castlebar last year. And yes, her gig was as witty , fun and surreal as you can imagine. See you in Castlebar next time Lisa…



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