The Dagenham Yanks from Co Cork

Formed in 2017 by the brainchild Mark O’ Sullivan, The original band; Dagenham Yanks strives to be joyous, witty and quirky with an alternative rocky vibe that combine other vintage and new age styles even light opera, to give an overall feed for the senses.
Mark simply puts his spark that ignited the flame, as his release from living “under a rock in boring mundanity”. The singer/songwriter joined forces with the charismatic Taly Murphy and her impressionable talented niece, Margie Murphy in early 2017; collaborating ideas for the treatment of Mark’s songs and began engaging in gigs around Cork City, denying in places such as “Mr.Bradleys”. In April 2018, the youngest member of the time Margie decided to move on with her studies and Mark found Tanya Adamson, a graduate of Cork School of Music, and she joined almost instantly. Dagenham Yanks also discovered a notable Cork drummer; John O Connor who spreads his heartbeats around Cork musically, Tadgh Moran;

A dedicated bass player since he was sixteen years old and finally Rob Keating, the youngest member of our group, a talented wonder at the guitar made the band complete.
The songs are ecclectic, mature, danceable and provide a certain vibrancy that give you an uplifting experience even when dealing with darker themes. The band calls out for an audience who ” has lived a bit, those who have enjoyed recessions, mortgages, kids, divorce\separations and who still knows what real indie songs are about” says Mark. The Dagenham Yanks have played in well known spots around Cork City such as The Bru Bar and Hostel, Firkin Crane, The Red Horse Inn, The Friary, Crane Lane and other venues. They are currently working on their album ‘Transubstantiation’ and have already shot a music video for their song ‘Dagenham Yanks’ , available now on You Tube.

Other ventures include more upcoming music videos, festivals, more gigs around the city and beyond and radio.

“They gel well as a team. You can tell that they get along very well, and they enjoy what they do. They sound great and their songs are all original, and amazing ”

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