The mighty Limerick band Fox Jaw are back with brilliant new single “Let it Run”

We have always found Limerick band FOX JAW to be one of the most underrated live band’s in Ireland.

They keep on making quality new music, i have booked the band on several occasions, we keep bringing them back to Castlebar because that is what Finbar Hoban Presents gig goers want. They want more FOX JAW!!

I have worked with a lot of amazing bands over the years but FOX JAW are always in the top 5 as the  band that people in Castlebar want to see play in the area.

I keep getting asked that question, when are FOX JAW returning. Hopefully i will get the chance to work with them again soon. Why? Because the band keep making great music and are an amazing live experience.

Every single musician in the band is so creative and they prove it yet again   on their brand new track titled “Let it Run” .

Check out the bands new track “Let it Run” below and you will see exactly what i mean.

Limerick band once again prove they are one of the best Irish acts on the music scene with new track “Let It Run”



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