Tod Doyle releases ‘Turning Corners’, the third offering from his recent collection of singles

This single offers something a little different from the current batch of songs. I started with the drums for a change. At the time I was trying to learn some Bossanova grooves and the drums were very influenced by that. Then found a Horn Melody that I liked and it went from there. The lyrics express a fair amount of apprehension about getting older. A common problem.

Turning Corners is a sort of alt/jazz folk song with a bossa-nova type drum beat.

‘I’m a part time terrorist of my flight

I’m a back seat passenger of this life ’

The release is accompanied by a DIY music video that I shot at home during lockdown series 3. I wanted to have a bit of craic with the idea of a dance video and he did 

Turning corners adds a diversity to Doyle’s sound and might be a sign of things to come in the future.

 Check out the video for the track below. 



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