Track of The Day: A Lethal Black Ooze deal with life changes on new single

“All The Same wasn’t the first Black Ooze idea we ever jammed, but it was the first finished song that stuck. An idea which gave us a glimpse into what A Lethal Black Ooze would sound like. It’s about dealing with big life changes, deciding to take everything off the table all at once and the fall out that comes with doing such a thing.

Track of the Day: A LETHEL BLACK OoZE are back with new single ‘All The Same’

 I had ended a long term relationship, moved out for the first time, quit my job and two bands I had been in for five years previously, all in a bid to have some space to grow. Ultimately, you lose contact with friends when you make grand changes like this ‘…and when you wait, you know they’re just doing it all the same.’ is what I used to say to myself while waiting for the Dublin bus and wondering how my old friends were doing.”

Bassist Jamie Hyland (she/her) on her contribution of the song:

“Writing with A Lethal Black Ooze is super intuitive; Andy will bring in an idea and within a short time it’s clear how it should feel. All the Same had such a strong base with the guitar and vocal it seemed like it only needed minimal support from the rhythm section, taking Andy’s guitar riff, emphasising the dominant 7th through the verses, and bolstering the groove through the chorus.

Written and recorded at Dublin’s Yellowdoor Music Studios and Sonic Studios respectively: 

‘All The Same’ features production and bass from Jamie Hyland (she/her) known for her involvement in intersectional feminist punk band M(h)aol, Clara Tracey, Paddy Hanna, YARD and as Gilla Band’s ‘Holding Hands with Jamie’, Jamie.

On drums is instrumental swiss-army knife Iain Faulkner (he/him)known for his bass contributions in Tau & the Drones of Praiseand for providing professional live sound services to both of the red hot Irish bands; Gurriers & The Mary Wallopers.

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