Track of the Day: Aine O’Gorman releases heartfelt track ‘These Empty Rooms’

The piece opens with the focused intimacy of Aine’s voice and piano and the song then gradually soars to a huge emotional and cathartic outpouring of love and loss. The moving string part is also played by Aine and the pedal steel,drums,double-bass and harmony are by Martin Leahy who recorded the track and brought a sensitivity and power to the production of ‘These Empty Rooms’.

Track of the Day; Aine O’Gorman releases heartfelt track “These Empty Rooms’

Aine’s last release The Poor Ground was a collaboration with Victoria Keating and had a huge emotional reaction both in Ireland and Canada.
Written about the grim discovery in the Mother And Baby Home in Tuam, Co. Galway in 2017,it made it onto the Irish RTE radio 1 recommends list for two weeks. World renowned folk singer Christy Moore said of ‘The Poor Ground’….. “Beautiful…terrible…The Beauty holds me there as the horror unfolds….A tour de force.”

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