Track of the Day: Castlebar singer songwriter Conor Ward releases the ‘Elephant’ in the room

Conor Ward’s music  has been described by Hot Press Magazine as “a mix of catchy folk-pop songs and melancholic acoustic ballads” This blend of styles is richly evident in “Elephant”.

Track of the Day: Castlebar musician and singer songwriter Conor Ward releases new single “Elephant” today

The track, produced by Dave Skelton, is an exploration into the life of those caring for loved ones suffering from dementia.

The inspiration for the song came from an unusual place – “I went on a Safari in South Africa a few months back.

I couldn’t sleep on the flight over so I ended up watching the incredibly powerful documentary, “Finding Jack Charlton”. I was in awe of how strong and resilient his wife, Pat, was while faced with this terribly sad fate.

She is one of so many amazing people out there facing similar circumstances”. Conor was inspired to write something to reflect this and despite the heavy theme, the song is an upbeat celebration of the strength and resilience of these wonderful souls. 

“It’s effectively a hopeful but tragic love song”. 

This latest single adds to his strong back catalogue of songs (Stuck, City Apart, Hope) which have earned him local and national airplay.

His single, “Hope”, was featured in the movie, “Finding You”, a romantic comedy set in Ireland. As a result of its cinematic release and subsequent streaming worldwide, Conor has earned thousands of new listeners from across the globe.

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