Track of the Day: David Keenan reinvents himself once again

Keenan is like a relentless songwriting machine and there is no stopping him, David Keenan continues to release new music like there is no tomorrow and the artist again proves why he is one of the best singer singer songwriters in Ireland  on new single “El Paso”.

After releasing his third album ‘CRUDE’ Keenan has probably released one of his best tracks in the disguise of El Paso.

Track of the Day: Acclaimed Dundalk singer songwriter David Keenan can do no wrong these days with a relentless number of singles and new EP release on the way and new track ‘El Paso’

Keenan has also announced that he will be releasing a new EP titled The CRUDE BOYO EP at the end of March. 

According to Keenan who made a recent statement  about the new track,

“I wrote this song at 14, it came out of nowhere,
a song full of hometown angst and something I could sing with my mates at the weekend.

A few years later I sang it in a local taxi and the ensuing video uploaded by the driver went viral, way back in 2015. (Shout out to Maxi)

Afterwards when the dust quickly settled I was eager not to be defined as just the kid in the taxi and wanted to set out to tell a fuller story, make albums that were full of guts and imagination.

Life has a way of educating and offering perspective and so much has happened in the years that El Paso has been with me, things beyond my expectations.

I’ve come full circle,
I’m proud of that younger version of myself who never stopped trusting in the power of song and the guiding force of expression.

You can heal along the way too” !

It’s become a universal hometown song & I’m grateful to all of you who have covered the song and kept it alive until now.

Keenan is set to play a number of dates around Ireland beginning in May and through out the summer months.

The brand new track “El Pas” is available from today. Go support and purchase it on BANDCAMP now.

Keenan’s new EP The CRUDE BOYO EP expands on his latest album Crude and will be released fully on the 24th of March and can be preordered now over on BandCamp. 


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