Track Of The Day: Davie Furey concludes a busy year with the release of new single

To conclude a busy year that began with the release of ‘Stargazer’ and a Spring tour with the legendary Paul Brady, singer/songwriter Davie Furey has a seasonal offering. A new single ‘The Rose of Bohermeen’, a love song, has as its starting point a girl in a midnight choir “that Christmas long ago”.

Track Of The Day: Davie Furey returns with brand new single “The Rose Of Bohermeen”

Produced, mixed and mastered by Martin Quinn in JAM Studies, Davie’s haunting melody, with words penned by Bohermeen born playwright Richard Ball, combine seamlessly in the kind of performance that we have come to expect from Davie Furey.

Richard, Davie’s former English Teachers  says of the track,,  “The Rose of Bohermeen recalls an aunt I never knew who used to sing with her younger brother, my dad , at Christmas midnight mass many years ago. It’s the only story he ever told of her.

She died at seventeen.I am a huge admirer of Davie’s work so I was delighted that he not only liked the words, but agreed to put them to music and record the song. He has worked his magic here. I am more than grateful.”

Furey handles lead vocals, as well as acoustic rhythm guitars on “The Rose of Bohermeen” with Martin Quinn on Bass, Electric Guitar and Piano.

Davie Furey’s new single, “The Rose of Bohermeen” is out now, check out the track below

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