Track of the Day: Dublin’s “Fulvetta” are a juxtaposition of ethereal dreaminess and big fuzzy riffs

Fulvetta’s new and refined sound extensively features layers of vocals from members AJ and Grace, hearkening back to the sounds of shoegaze pioneers such as Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine.

However, Lampshade is not just a simple ode to classic shoegaze, it is not just a reproduction of sounds we are already too familiar with.

Track of the Day: ‘Fulvetta’ have just released new single ‘Lampshade’, they are a Dublin heavy shoegaze/alternative rock group.

Bending and twisting between genres, the influence of alternative rock acts such as Hum, Failure, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Deftones are also apparent.

An amalgamation of many sounds from 90s alternative rock, it creates a nostalgic sound that has been lost for many years.

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