Track of the Day: Elina Filice releases Dark, Driving Single, “Don’t Let Me Fall”

Elina returns from a busy 2021  (a well-received sophomore EP and over a million total Spotify streams) with an innovative new single “Dont Let Me Fall.” In her signature genre-defying fashion, the song features funky guitar licks layered over an infectious beat, complete with an anthemic hook. Though dark and brooding, the song pulsates with manic, driving energy.

Elina Filice to Release Dark, Driving Single, “Don’t Let Me Fall”

The dark lyrics lament the weight of loving someone who is in a depressive decline. The song examines the tandem downward spiral of tangled mental health, and the terrifying pressure of someone begging you to save them.


Elina says, “We’ve all been in the situation or know someone who’s been in a relationship or friendship where someone is relying on you for their stability. It’s incredibly scary being stuck in a dark tango with someone who you care for but are unable to help. What they threaten to do if you leave them leads to a toxic and painful cycle.”
The song was written and recorded by Elina in her home studio and co-produced by Viscose.



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