Track of the Day: Emerging Indie Rockers Kill ‘Em Charlie set to unleash first single off highly anticipated upcoming EP

The track takes cues from early Kings Of Leon and Arctic Monkeys. Lyrically the song revolves around its titular character – mainstay of any small town in Ireland and elsewhere, the character who thinks he runs things while being beloved widely when he’s anything but. The inspiration for the song reflects the band’s own origins where they were all familiar with figures like that.

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The band consists of Eoghan McGuigan (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Sheehan (Backing vocals, Guitar), Patrick Kirwan (Guitar), George Broadbank (backing vocals, Guitar) and Damon Walsh (Drums).

Alex, George, Patrick and a previous member started playing music together by doing Green Day covers in a garden shed in their school days. Around 2016, Eoghan was brought in on vocals and the band started to focus on writing original material.

In 2019, Damon joined the band on drums and Kill ‘Em Charlie was officially born. This is when the band started to get into the craft and found their sound. The band have been gigging, recording and writing music non-stop ever since.

We can’t wait to hear the new EP here at Finbar Hoban Presents upon its release on Feb 17th. 

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