Track Of The Day: Emerging Irish Pop-Folk artist ‘JUST ALICE’ releases fierce new single ‘WAIT’

Alice is deeply rooted in the lively Traditional Irish Music Scene.

Her music draws inspiration from the rich storytelling of folk legends like Luke Kelly and Dougie MacLean.

As she explored various musical genres, she discovered a connection with the emotive songwriting of artists like Joni Mitchell and Noah Kahan.

Their ability to translate raw emotion into timeless songs inspired Alice to embark on her own musical journey.

Track Of The Day: “Just Alice” has just released her brand new single “Wait”

Alice’s songwriting is a beautiful tapestry crafted from the threads of her personal experiences and astute observations of the world around her. She draws inspiration from the everyday moments of life, as well as the depth and complexity of human connections and experiences.

Alice skillfully weaves narratives through her music that deeply resonate with listeners, inviting them to share in the genuine emotions and stories she artfully portrays.

Having graced stages across Ireland, from intimate pub gigs to the illustrious Electric Picnic, Alice’s live performances are characterized by raw emotion and authenticity.

Her music has also transcended borders, reaching international audiences at events such as the Maryland Irish Festival and An Poitin Stil in America. These experiences allowed her to share her music and stories with listeners from different corners of the world.

Alice has cultivated a dedicated following and is currently working on recording her debut EP after signing with Youngblood Music. ‘Wait’ is the debut single is out now.


Wait’ is the debut single of Irish pop-folk artist Just Alice. The song details the trials and tribulations of young love, blending raw storytelling with an upbeat production.

Through her songwriting, Alice attempts to take listeners on a melodic journey through her lived experiences and her view of the world around her, writing songs that showcase her raw emotion and authenticity.

“When bringing the song into the studio, we listened to some influences and really thought about how we wanted to present the track. The melody and chord progression of the song really ties in with the theme of resilience, so it was about representing that through the energy of the song. The track rises and falls in line with the story being told, and really does portray a feeling of triumphant resilience which hopefully listeners will identify with.” 

Alice Laffan (singer-songwriter of Just Alice)

‘Wait’ is a track that blends pop melodies inspired by Taylor Swift & Picture This, with influences from songwriting greats Joni Mitchell and Gregory Alan Isakov to create the perfect mixture of pop-folk.

“‘Wait’ is a song I wrote about navigating the ups and downs of young love under the pressure of external influences. It’s about learning to be patient, resilient and trusting that things will work out if you just give it time. Knowing that sometimes, all you have to do is wait.” 

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