Track of The Day: Cork Songwriter Fiona O’ Connell makes great music

This track is definitely a more intimate offering than my first single. I was somewhat reluctant to share such a vulnerable, bare-bones track but it is probably one of my favourites lyrically. It delves into feelings of guilt and regret that begin to fester after the breakdown of a relationship that can be hard to shake off”

The track opens with a classical guitar, shortly joined by a reverb-drenched electric guitar.

Track Of The Day: “Easily” is track from ethereal folk offering from singer-songwriter Fiona O’ Connell that was released earlier this year 

Speaking of the track, Fiona says:

Easily’ is a song about being in the throes of a heartbreak. It’s full of nostalgia and longing for a version of the past when things made sense. It was written aer the breakup of a relationship that had spanned through some of my most formative years.

Looking back I recognised my lack of emotional maturity while still feeling bitter about and devastated by the loss of the relationship”

“The track is indicative of the type of music I hope to produce going forward. I relied heavily on the use of vocal harmonies and no synths.

The track was self-recorded and subsequently self-produced in my bedroom”

The track opens with an acoustic guitar building to a flourishing chorus of lush vocal arrangements and stacked harmonies.

The combined use of lo-fi textures and live instruments makes for a fresh, intimate sound.

Watch out for a brand new single called ‘In the End’ due for release on November 17th, but in the meantime check out a track Fiona released in February of this year called ‘Easily’ 

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