Track of the Day: Galway musician Jack Lee releases new track ‘Vinegar’

They are certain songs that just grab your attention on first listen  and Jack Lee’s latest single release of his acoustic version of his track titled ‘Vinegar’ is one of these songs. 

Jack Lee knows the importance of patience. After time spent writing with his brother, he travelled around to other cities in Ireland before settling back in Galway.

Track of the Day: Galway musician and artist Jack Lee recently released an acoustic version of his track titled ‘Vinegar’

Upon returning he has slowly, but steadily, earned a following with some very impressive performances at The Open Mic Night in The Róisín Dubh. He has chalked up a string of very impressive support slots for the likes of Say Sue Me, Jerry Fish and Aslan.

In a recent interview Jack has described his influences from In terms of established artists, the three big ones would be (early) Coldplay, Simon & Garfunkel and The Frames.

I saw The Frames in Red Light Records back in the early 00’s and they blew me away. I can still remember the feeling in my chest when they played Fitzcarraldo. We hear at Finbar Hoban Presents believe that this track should be heard. Not just locally but nationally as well.

We are very much looking forward to hearing more from Jack Lee in the very near future. 

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