Track of the day: HOOK release new single ‘I Want To See You Tonight’

It’s a song of love, it’s a song of excitement and most of all it’s a song of optimism, that wonderful feeling we get in a relationship. The urgency and beauty that drives love is set to a musical new wave backdrop adding a sprinkling of punk and grunge.

HOOK release new “I Want to See You Tonight”

Hook are a new wave, indie band from Dublin, Ireland who were formed in early 2019 and as well of the vocal and guitar talents of  Eoin O’Donnell the band consists of Morgan O’Brien on drums and Danny Spelman on bass, vocals. The tight nit three piece released their critically acclaimed debut EP back in March 2020 and received much deserved airplay from around the world.

As a bonus the band have added the equally catchy but more plaintive B-side ‘Caroline’. Another song of love, hope and feverish guitar lines.
White noise and spaces lie between the jangling guitars and cries of Caroline. A single in its own right.

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