Track of the Day: Independent Irish Artist Ryan Bradley Releases Emotive and Reflective Track “Anthill Story”

Following on from Ryan’s debut single ‘Late Night Lads’ which is an indie pop rock anthem that fans have really enjoyed, Singer-songwriter Ryan Bradleyhas recently shared a moving musical creation titled “Anthill Story.”

The song explores the idea that each individual has a unique life story, often complex and hidden from others, drawing a parallel to the organized yet mysterious lives of ants in their colonies.

Ryan’s sincere and heartfelt approach to songwriting, reminiscent of artists like Bon Iver and the introspective Beatles, has struck a deep chord with listeners since its release in early June.

Track of the Day: Born in Manchester, England to Irish parents, Ryan now resides in the musical and vibrant city of Galway on the west coast of Ireland.

“Anthill Story” emerged from Ryan’s home studio, set up in their kitchen, where they carefully crafted and mixed the song. The resulting organic and raw sound adds an authentic touch, enhancing the emotional depth.


The song’s melancholic vibe and thoughtful lyrics have resonated with listeners from various walks of life, as they are drawn into a contemplative space, reflecting on their own experiences amidst the bustling city life.


When asked about the inspiration behind “Anthill Story,” Ryan shared, “I wanted to explore the idea that each one of us has our own unique life story, filled with complexities and struggles that often remain concealed from the outside world.

The metaphor of an anthill seemed fitting, as it reflects how we occupy cities like ants in their colonies, yet never fully comprehend the intricate lives of those around us. This song is my attempt to bridge that gap and encourage empathy and understanding.”


As an independent artist, Ryan’s talent and sincerity in songwriting have garnered attention, resonating with music enthusiasts and critics alike. The release of “Anthill Story” adds to Ryan’s reputation as a promising artist in the contemporary music scene.

“Anthill Story” is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

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