Track Of The Day: Irish Rockers ‘Brake Loose’ tear up the rule book on new single

 Perhaps one of the most unconventional Irish rock bands of today. Led and formed in 2021 by reckless Venezuelan singer and poet Alejandro Murillo, they’ve established themselves as a notable force on the Irish rock scene having sold out The Workman’s Club twice in the past two years and playing gigs all over Ireland.

 One notable support gig was opening for Aslan in Clane. With more than 100,000 streams on Spotify and being featured in Hot Press Magazine as “Hot Irish Acts for 2022” the band have just released brand new and exciting song called ‘REBEL REBEL (Evil Like The Devil)’ 

Track Of The Day: Dublin Rockers rip it up on new single ‘Rebel Rebel (Evil Like The Devil’)

REBEL REBEL (Evil Like The Devil)’ is a song about embracing individualism as an act of rebellion, in other words, it is a song about embracing your true individuality as a human being to the point of understanding how unique and peculiar your existence is, and realising that with the right attitude, as attitude is all we’ve got, we should be constantly encouraging and motivating ourselves as well as others to live fully and aim discover who we truly are.

That’s the bands message to all of you out there who have been following them or are hearing the guys for the first time, come join the ride, get ready to feel energized and Brake Loose baby.

Now, how did this all come about? One fine September night in their Glasnevin studio, vocalist Alex had written these memorable lyrics (inspired by his favorite poets Arthurd Rimbaud and Allen Ginsberg) and was looking for something that could bring people together, a fierce anthem with such a chanting and catchy chorus that everyone will sing along and stamp their feet as a unison.

Dave, the bands guitarist, mimicked Alex’s lyrics with a punchy industrial type of riff and drummer Dylan had the brilliant idea to incorporate this fantastic set of dancing drum beats that will make people’s blood boil with rhythm.


“Honestly, it is so captivating for us to play this song live and see everyone sing the chorus like a mad energetic choir. So, all of you fans of ManeskinNine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and even The Doors, you will absolutely love our brand new single that combines industrial metal with rock pop, nothing out there sounds like this!

Lastly, the track was recorded this August at Oblivion Studios in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, and it was mixed, mastered and produced by our friend and renowned Bulgarian producer and sound engineer Mr. Yanko Genov.” – Brake Loose

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