Track Of The Day: Irish two piece SWELTR unleash Fourth Single, “Known As”

SWELTR is a band unafraid of embracing shyness, skillfully placing metaphors where they shouldn’t. A skill in itself, and we took a shot at it.

The song instantly sets the scene and tone for Tony’s lyrics: “I think I’d say I saw you coming from a mile away,” conveying the anticipation of an impending struggle. The first verse lightly glosses over an intimate relationship with oneself and mental state.

SWELTR Announces Fourth Single, “Known As”

The depth of this unfolds in the chorus, where whatever awaits on the other side of the struggle is “unfound.” A recurring lyric encourages listeners to ponder the song’s mood:

“All on good form, we move along.”
This line reflects how one might perceive their mental state as unimportant, secondary to daily life—a common sentiment in modern Dublin. Using “good form,” an Irish phrase, anchors it to the location.

The repetition emphasises the necessity to “keep face” in this world.

The song takes us on a loud, emotive journey, attempting to convey twisted and confusing feelings anyone can experience.

A final scream leads the song into its outro, where comfort can be found in the forming chaos.

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