Track of the Day: Jen Ella Releases Single ‘I Must Go To The Party Alone’

Based in London, the Cork native carries on from her last single ‘Alien’ an upbeat 80s influenced song reminiscing on taking responsibility and ‘’taking it on the chin’’ after a night out.

‘I Must Go To The Party Alone’ was recorded by Ethan Garrett a musician and producer from Brighten and co-produced by Jen Ella herself. It features jazzy and bluesy influences allowing the element of songwriting to shine throughout the song.

Track of the Day: Irish artist Jen Ella has just released a brand new song tilted ‘I Must Go To The Party Alone

The lyrics ‘’ Baby I feel invisible at this party… Baby I feel invisible since I met you there that year’’ prepares for a surprising stance on the melodic song.

Jen Ella is a singer-songwriter and musician from Cork. She is now based in London and has been writing music all her life.

She writes about her personal life implementing tales from love, travel, growing up in Ireland, history and relationships. Following success in 2021 making BBC sound’s airplay twice with her two tracks ‘Eyes for you’ and ‘Lipstick Queen’ she has spent the last few months working hard on new songs.

She became the Scotsman’s Arts Artist of the week and her track Lipstick Queen was Hotpress magazine’s track of the week. Along with that her music has been played on international radio such as amazing radio and featured in many articles across Scotland and Ireland such as Finbar hoban presents, Indiebuddie, theothersidereviews, For the love of bands, alternative fruit, not bad, hot press magazine, the scotsman, along with her previous EP Spoken words making the RTE radio 1 recommendations playlist.

Gracing the Celtic connection stage back in 2019 and 2022, since she has been down in London she has sold out various venues in London and Ireland such ‘’Spice of Life’’ in Soho and ‘’Ballinadee Bus’’ in Cork. She has also been accepted to write music in New York in April 2024 along with Andrea Stople who has written for the likes of Faith Hill and Jimmy Wynne.

Have a listen to the brand new track below 

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