Track Of The Day: Limerick alternative Trio RAGING SONS deliver fierce energetic new single ‘Black Room’

The lyrical journey encapsulates the evolution from navigating the chaos of a formative environment to the process of self-discovery and independent decision-making. ‘Black Room’ explores various facets of this journey from the influence of religion and the dynamics of education to the desire to embrace the freedom of staying out late into the night.

The track meanders through the intricate thoughts and emotions of a child navigating adolescence, ultimately emerging on the other side of this transformative period.

Track Of The Day: Limerick Trio RAGING SONS are back with new single ‘Black Room’

‘Black Room’ serves as a contemplative gaze into the past, addressing the ghosts that linger in the memories of youth. The song encapsulates the universal experience of grappling with one’s identity and choices during the turbulent years of adolescence, offering listeners a nostalgic and introspective musical journey.

Musically, ‘Black Room’ attacks with weight and darkness, showcasing the signature elements that define the sound of the Limerick trio. The track unleashes a relentless assault of vox-y guitar riffs, commanding drums, and enigmatic vocals, solidifying the band’s distinctive  musical identity.

The marriage of these elements creates a powerful and immersive sonic experience, reinforcing Raging Sons’ penchant for delivering intense and evocative songs.

Check out the video for ‘Dark Room’ below

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