Track of the Day: Limerick’s RAGING SONS new track ‘Feel Love’ is an infusion of electronic, industrial and alt-rock

Lyrically, ‘Feel Love is a love song from different perspectives. Finding it, having it, losing it, trying to get it back. Right person,wrong time.

Wanting someone to wait for you until you’re ready to make that step.

It speaks to highs: feel on high” when love isat its best, and to the lows: falling to my knee’s upon it has failure, finishing on the line “I feel love, now I’m crawling,evoking a desperation to get back what you have lost.

Track of the Day: Limerick’s finest RAGING SONS are back with brand new single ‘Feel Love’. The band will be performing in Mayo next weekend at The Far West Festival on August 19th

‘Feel Love’ is about not looking back:they say tomorrows on the run as today’s mystery. Love is often guesswork, so you may as well keep moving.

Musically, Raging Sons hark back to their debut album 20:20 on ‘Feel Love’, with a blend of electronic and industrial sounds sitting with the traditional alternative rock elements of gnarly guitar, big drums, and rolling bass.

‘Feel Love’ is inspired by the likes of Richard Ashcroft, Elbow and Nine Inch Nails in its electronic, industrial, rock distillation.

Combined, ‘Feel Love’ is an infusion of electronic, industrial and alt-rock that explores the theme of love from different perspectives.

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