Track of the Day: Mayo songwriter ROWLETTE reaches new heights with new single ‘The House Where We Used To Live’

On hearing the title of the new track from Mayo artist ROWLETTE it brought back recent emotional memories for me. My family life has changed a lot over the past eighteen months. And when I heard the title of the track I was very intrigued. But I wasn’t sad, these were emotional memories, yes, but these were happy memories as well. 

Mayo singer songwriter Rowlette has really pushed the boundaries on the production of her new single ‘The House Where We Used to Live’

I guess time moves fast  and as humans we must change and adapt.  But sometimes memories are all we have, childhood memories, family memories that never really leave us. The home that we once had feels empty when our loved ones seem to change, relationships change  or sometimes don’t exist anymore. This is how I feel when I listen to the new track from ROWLETTE. And this is not a bad thing at all! 

Filled with vivid imagery, the track transports the listener to a busy family home, and some of the songwriter’s core memories. “I love the idea of how a place can hold so many stories. Everyone’s childhood home is filled with so many emotional triggers and memories. Although the song is quite specific to my life, I still think it will resonate with a lot of listeners.” Rowlette says.


On writing the track, Rowlette says it was actually very straightforward “I literally just wrote about some of my strongest memories – it’s actually quite funny when you think about the seemingly innocuous things that stick out to you years later. My siblings definitely cringe a lot at some of the stories I’m sharing, but it gives me a good giggle when I’m singing it!”


Talking about the end of the song “It definitely isn’t a fairytale I’m writing here!” she laughs “but it’s realistic. I think it’s important to take the good with the bad. As well as that, this story is not so different from many people I know and it’s nice to represent that too!”

And there’s plenty more where that came from – 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for the artist release-wise. “After two long pandemic years, I have so much music recorded and ready to go. I have a few more songs planned and ready to release this year and I’m so excited to share them.” she says.


You can catch Rowlette live this weekend at the Claremorris Folk Festival on The Market Stage. She then performing at The Library with Faraway Martin on May 5th.

In the meantime, check out the ‘wonderful new track called ‘The House Where We used to Live’ below.

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