Track of the Day: Meryl Streek release personal single ‘Suicide’

On the first listen to MERYL STREEK latest single ‘Suicide’ you may tell that the artist is angry, very angry.

And rightly so, I have listened to Meryl Streek over the last few days and all I can I say is that ‘I’m all in’

Just like Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies Meryl Streek takes on the system and has something to say and is pissed off!! Fuck I’m angry too!! 

“Dickheads in Suits” or “Listening to some prick telling you how to lift a box”.

Yes you know what, because that is where our country is now. Fucked up. It is safe to say Meryl Streek does not like politicians and clowns, or RTE , landlords and the church  for that matter. Is anyone safe here? But again, rightly so. Just take a look around and think outside the box for a moment. 

We are told The track ‘Suicide’ is deeply personal to the artist and we can understand this.

Its hard to catogorise Meryl Steep though, he has a lot to say, they are hints of punk there and  all points remain valid and valuable to a time we are living in. Avant-garde punk  has being mentioned on a few occasions  to describe the music. 

MERYL STREEK are one’s to watch. Latest single release ‘Suicide’ is a trip. New album ‘796’ drops this Friday. 

 Meryl Streek have recently signed to Gallows’ label Venn Records (Bob Vylan, Witch Fever, Static Dress).

With the release of new album 796 just around the corner, If the album follows in the path of  ‘Suicide’ then we are all in for a real treat.

The album ‘796’ is is available to purchase from this Friday November 6th and we can’t wait to hear it.

Watch out! Meryl Streek is coming and they have something important to say. Bring out the punk in you. 


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