Track of the Day: Northern Ireland’s Enola Gay fight back with new track

After a successful year dominating the UK before European festivals, becoming ESNS Exchange’s fourth most  booked act of 2022, Enola Gay return to follow up their acclaimed debut EP Gransha.

Signing with Modern Sky UK and booked for festivals this summer including Download and 2000Trees, more raucous than ever and inspired by a personal attack that left a member with a fractured skull.

Track of the Day: Enola Gay return with new track PTS.DUP

Enola Gaye lambast Northern Irish conservative party the DUP and their influence on the impressionable youth of today suffering from identity erosion and abandonment by their own government.

Whilst instrumentally and verbally scalding, PTS.DUP also yearns for a united Ireland while also prompting listeners to think about how and why frustrated parts of the community are indoctrinated into resentment from an early age to suit a misinformed agenda.

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