Track of the Day: Paul Callan releases indie inspired new track “And You Follow”

I have always enjoyed new wave  indie pop. I have always enjoyed most music as long as it’s good. Isn’t that the most important thing here? 

Elvis Costello is a fine example of this, The son of musicians, Costello was exposed to a mix of British and American styles dance-hall pop to modern jazz to the Beatles from an early age. 

This is why on listening to the new track from Irish artist Paul Callan called “And You Follow” we are immediately hearing that seventies early eighties new wave Costello and the Attractions vibes. 

And this is why all three minutes and six seconds of  “And You  Follow” brings us that early new wave punk pop bubblegum rock. This track is a real beauty and we think you should add it to your playlist as soon as possible.

Go ahead, it will make your day! We promise!


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