Track of the Day: Galway 5 piece Siúcra impress with debut single ‘Travellin Song’

“Travellin’ Song”, written during a particularly grueling lockdown period, recounts the feeling of ennui as the group in their mid-late twenties experienced a grounding they could never have predicted.

Although the song was borne of boredom, of being stuck inside with little to entertain themselves with, an air of hope permeates the sound of the single.

Track of the Day: Siúcra, are a 5-piece Folk band based in Galway hailing from all over the country and we just released our debut single “Travellin’ Song”.

While the single is their first release as a band, the members of Siúcra are no newcomers to the songwriting and performing scene, with a combined dozens of songs from other projects and over a hundred live performances.

Formed during the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns, 5 friends from the same bubble decided to keep playing music together, after they finished watching The Office for the fifteenth time.

The sound of their new collective is entirely new to them however, combining an eclectic mix of influences ranging from classic acts like Wings, Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton’s early work all the way to Irish trad, with a helping of shimmering Shoegaze from the likes of Slowdive.

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