Track Of The Day: Songwriter Jamie Duffy releases brand new single titled ‘Torus’

Renowned 22-year-old musician and songwriter Jamie Duffy is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest track, a mesmerizing piece that feels like falling into a dream. Drawing inspiration from the cyclical swimming patterns of basking sharks, Jamie transforms this imagery into a profound metaphor for life and relationships.

Track Of The Day: Dublin singer songwriter Jamie Duffy has just released new track ‘Torus’

Jamie explains, “In this piece, I was inspired by basking sharks swimming in circles. This behavior mirrors my own experiences and relationships, often feeling cyclical. The torus-shaped circles these majestic creatures form while mating symbolize the beautiful and wild aspects of life.”


Jamie’s musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Known for his unique blend of traditional, popular, and classical influences, he has captured the hearts of millions. His collaboration, “Solas (with Sarah Cothran),” showcases his ability to merge talents seamlessly, producing a rendition that holds deep personal significance.


Jamie’s debut track, “Solas,” broke records in 2022, becoming the most streamed debut song by an Irish artist since Hozier’s “Take Me To Church,” with over 67 million streams on Spotify.


With over 1.2 million monthly listeners, Jamie Duffy is solidifying his place in the music scene. His collaborations with artists such as Patrick Dexter and Kingfishr highlight his versatility and innovation. From uplifting instrumentals to emotionally charged vocal tracks, Jamie’s music resonates across genres and themes.


As he embarks on this new chapter, Jamie looks forward to sharing his music with global audiences. Upcoming performances promise to connect him with fans and further his journey as a musician.


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