Track of the Day: Sprints continue down the path of punk Rock ‘N Roll on new single

Punk Rock has never felt so right, you know why? Because SPRINTS are back with brand new single ‘Up and Comer ‘, and they do not hold back.

The brand new single from the band follows the announcement that long anticipated new album ‘Letter To Self’ will be released on January 5th 2024.

It maybe early on in the year but could this possibly be contender for ‘Album of the Year’ for 2024?

Track of the Day: Dublin’s SPRINTS know no bounds on brand new single ‘Up and Comer’

I got the chance to play the brand new track from SPRINTS on my new monthly radio show ‘Discover New Irish Music’ just last Friday night and I am so glad I did. This track will leave you wanting to throw the TV set out the window! (Just kidding) 

Punk is a music genre often associated with grassroots and “sticking it to the man” and if Up and Comer continues down the path as with the rest of the bands new  album we are all in for a real treat!

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