Track Of The Day: The Cooleys release An energetic and driving revival of the age old folk song, ” Paddy On The Railway “.

It’s a lively Irish shanty that tells the story of a young man’s departure to America during the Irish famine years of 1841 to 1849.

Influenced by the Wolfe Tones’ recording on their album ‘Across the Broad Atlantic,’ this upbeat rendition of the traditional ballad infuses the tale with a spirited energy, capturing the optimism and determination of those seeking a new beginning across the ocean.

Track Of The Day: The Cooleys are a boundary-pushing music collective from Ireland, known for their innovative approach to sound and fearless exploration of genres.

With its infectious rhythm and spirited melody, the song celebrates the resilience and hope of the Irish diaspora, embodying the enduring spirit of a people determined to forge a brighter future despite adversity.

Recorded and produced by Dave Molloy, The Cooleys continue to push the boundaries of creativity with another refreshingly original take on this beloved folk classic, showcasing the band’s unbridled musical prowess and inventive spirit.

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