Track Of The Day: Vickers Vimy release new single “Killing The Wren”

Vickers Vimy have being creating music on the West Coast of Ireland for a number of years. The band have just released brand new single tilted “Killing The Wren”.

“Killing The Wren” also features the fabulous vocals of Cat Lundy and Alec Brown on cello.

For those of you who don’t know the tilted “Killing the Wren” derives from an Irish ritual In Ireland, in which  the day after Christmas meant hunting down a small bird and tying it to the top of a pole. That’s how the Irish celebrate St. Stephens Day, or Wren Day years ago or known to others as ‘Devils Day’’.

Track of the Day: Vickers Vimy have just released brand new track ‘Killing The Wren’

The track itself “Killing The Wren” often reflects a love song,the beautiful vocals of Cat Lundy lends the track its voice as well, it’s a short song that never outstays its welcome.

The story of ‘The Wren’ goes a lot further into Irish history. Some might say that during Penal Times, there was once a plot against local soldiers in an Irish village.

They were surrounded and were about to be ambushed when a group of wrens pecked on their drums and awakened the soldiers. The plot failed and the wren became known as “The Devil’s bird”, or to some known as “Devils Day”

When speaking briefly with Eamon Mulderrig of Vickers Vimy he tells us that this will be the bands last single for a while. We hope it won’t be too long until the band will be making be

Check out the video for “Killing The Wren” below

Finbar Hoban.

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