We take a look at our top 5 favourite Irish albums over the past 25 years

So many to choose from this makes for a very difficult task, There has been many wonderful Irish albums through the years that have excited us it is almost impossible to narrow it down to 5 but we have decided to give it a go. Although this does change from time to time. Who knows, this list could very easily change again this time next year! But for now this is what we have come up with.


Scheer’s debut album “Infliction” came out on 4AD records in 1996, the cover says it all really!

In at the number 5 is the brilliant album From Scheer that was released in 1996
Looking back on it now it really is a very good example of 90’s alternative rock. When you listen to the first half of the album it sounds very much like screaming guitars with a crazy menacing vocalist under its lead singer Audrey Gallagher. As for the album artwork we believe we still feel it has a strong impact today. Check out the video for one of the singles lifted from the album titled “Wish You Were Dead”

ASH 1977 released 1996

1977 was the first official album from Ash, the title of the album came about from the year each band member was born

At number 4 is 1977 from Northern Ireland band Ash. The album spawned a number of well known familiar hits including Girl From Mars, Jackie Chan which was used for the movie “Rumble in The Bronx” and starred, you guessed it, Jackie Chan. The Northern Irish Rockers could be found on almost every music station in Ireland in the 90’s and at times it was almost impossible to keep up with them.If you had being in your teens in 1996 this was your summer album. This was the album that you would listen to whilst getting the shift in your local alternative nightclub from you’re girlfriend. Oh the good old days. Check out the video for Kung Fu below,


The Birth of Math Rock in Ireland? The First album of a band called Adebisi Shank

Well what can we really say about this record, It is not actually a full album of sorts but more of debut ep. An introduction to Adebisi Shank. The first time we sat down or stood up depending whichever way you looked at it we were instantly floored. Adebisi Shank’s first record “This is the Album of a band called Adebisi Shank” was really well ahead of its time. The band’s live performances could only be described as relentless. (Trust us, we should know!) and everyone else who attended the shows in Bar Ritz and The Clubhouse in Castlebar too!. A big part of the band’s performance was when the bassist wore his iconic red mask on stage. Check out the first ep in full below.

No 2: THERAPY? TROUBLEGUM released 1994

Troublegum from Therapy? came out in 1994 and boy did it change the face of music

25 years ago today Therapy? unleashed their second album “Troublegum” onto the world. The band previously had released the album “Nurse” to critical acclaim but we don’t think even the band themselves were even prepared for what was to come next. Troublegum was released on February 7th 1994. The band had signed to the now defunct label A&M Records. The album itself spawned a number of hit singles including “Screamager” “Nowhere” and “Trigger Inside” which which apparently was written about mass murderer Jefferey Dahmner. The Album was a huge success worldwide for the band and is a regular on our playlist here at Finbar Hoban Presents. Check out the video for Trigger Inside lifted from the album below.

No 1: AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR released 2009

In 2009 And So I Watch You From Afar released their debut album, after performing a number of live shows in Ireland and in the UK the band garnered a reputation for been an unmissable live act. Like Adebisi Shank And So I Watch You From Afar began performing in bars and clubs and word was getting out about this band that were creating a loud sound . The band currently consists of guitarists Rory Friers and Niall Kennedy, bassist Johnny Adger and drummer Chris Wee. With Tony Wright playing guitar on the bands first two albums. Tony currently performs under the name VERSECHORUSVERSE. Check out the track Set Guitars to Kill from the album below

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