Whats another year in the Castlebar music scene!


So 2012 has seen many changes for me, some ups and some downs. But mostly ups! It was the year that i finaly bought Kerbdog Jape and The Redneck Manifesto to Castlebar. Three acts i had being trying to work with for the past four and a half years!
I reach the Christmas period with many good thoughts on my mind, how will Finbar Hoban Presents fare out in 2013?

I still have the same hunger that i had when i began running these shows in 2008. Still the same passion for trying to find that million dollar signing! If i wasn’t running shows in Castlebar i don’t think i would be living here. Id probably find myself working in some factory in some other part of the country trying to make ends meet.

I spoke to a member of the Delorentos a few months ago and we had a deep conversation about why we keep on doing this. Us Promoters and band members? Fighting the good fight all the time. We both came to the conclusion that if it keeps on making us happy and tipping along why stop?

So yes i am happy just like my Delorentos friends, or Adebisi Shank friends or Castlebar friends, Although times are tough, and especially when you live in a rural town trying to keep the interest and peoples attention alive  can be hard work.

People don’t go out as much any more. For some folks staying in is the new going out. We are now offically living in an X-factor generation and peoples minds are distracted from this. Folks now stay in on a Friday,Saturday and Sunday night to catch the highlights from X-factor until three in the morning.

Most of my friends that i grew up with around Castlebar are now living in various parts of the world. Australia, America Canada hence  i don’t get to see them as much as id like to. Many people have emigrated  to find a better life overseas.

Booze is now cheaper in the supermarkets, but we know all this. How do we even think about changing this scene we are caught up in?
I would like to ask folks to put down that remote control this Christmas venture out and support Original live band nights in the area. Put a few quid into a band members pocket and support them!

Its time that we began to socialize a bit more instead of hiding away in our living rooms hoping that it will soon be okay to go outside. I know i may sound like the main character from the movie Network where Peter Finch A TV network cynically exploits a deranged ex-TV anchor’s ravings and revelations about the media for their own profit except im talking on a promoters terms! Im as Mad as Hell!!

On a happy note My wish for 2013 is that people come up with new ideas, push things forward, lets progress!

We are living in a very interesting time when it comes to new upcoming live bands and artists. I could name a dozen of bands that are changing the way we think about live music right now in Ireland. In Mayo we have Race The Flux, Music for Dead Birds, On Pain of Death and many more! Its an interesting time to be a musician and also a promoter.
Things are evolving and we may not always notice these changes around us but they are happening right now.

For now i would like to wish all my friends family and everyone else   a very happy and peaceful Christmas and all the best in 2013 and remember be good to each other. Not everyone has a family, some of us have lost loved ones. Be caring to others and remember you always have a choice in this crazy world.

Keep the Faith Folks!

Finbar Hoban.

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