Track of the Day: Martin Leahy speaks out against the Irish housing crisis on ‘Everyone Should Have a Home’

‘Everyone Should Have A Home’ is the latest release from Cork singer songwriter Martin Leahy. The song is a visceral and fiery reaction to the current housing crisis. The track draws on a diverse mix of genres heavily associated with the protest tradition such as punk, hip-hop, folk and rock. All the instruments, production and Read More

Track of the Day: Indie rockers Dutch Schultz unleash fierce new single ‘Shake Hands With These Creeps’

‘Shake Hands With These Creeps’ showcases that the band is set to reach new heights, it’s Dutch Schultz rock at it’s finest and the single is set to leave a lasting impression on the listener! With driving guitars, catchy drum fills, distinctive vocals and a firey, infectious and fierce chorus, this is a song that you won’t be able to Read More