Finbar Hoban Presents gets a Website!


Photo by Alison Laredo


Hey everybody, I would like to welcome you all to my brand new website. For the past 4 years I have being undecided whether or not to do this. Setting myself off into the unknown hoping that folks will click on a website page with my name on it. Well I plan on rewarding your curiousity with content not only about the shows I will be holding here in Castlebar but from all corners of the alternative Irish music scene. News, reviews and maybe even an insight or two into the business. I shall endeavour to make this place a refuge, both mine and yours, where we can discuss and enjoy some of the great musical talent Ireland has, so that we may brag about liking them before they were famous and sold-out!

Comments are welcome, take a seat, get comfortable I have an exclusive launch video to show you guys before the day is out and hopefully much more great content for you over the coming days and weeks.

Thanks to Cathal Healy, who designed and developed the site for me and who does a lot of the posters for my shows too.

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