On the Radar: Under Starling release new EP ‘Portals’

‘Canopies’ is a post-apocalyptic indie rock anthem, describing a world in which mother nature has taken back what is rightfully hers.

The song depicts how the self-destructive and parasitic tendencies of the human race have us edging towards the point of no return  – “lying deep in catacombs”. As we progress through the track, we make the descent from self-reflection, to pure demise as the earth begins to start its life anew without us.

The Rebel counties very own Under Starling have just released new EP titled ‘Portals’

The song’s original demo featured the sounds of rainfall in the intro. While in the studio this developed into a full-blown storm or as the band likes to call it, an “audial blizzard”, created using a mash-up of analogue pedals and effects.

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