Therapy? Prove why they are still relevant with the release of new album

Northern Ireland Rockers  THERAPY? have being pretty consistent over the years,  releasing some really underrated albums, in recent years  ‘Disquiet’ and ‘Cleave’ have deemed to be favourites of fans of the band. I have being following the band ever since the first time I was introduced to ‘Nurse’ in the early nineties via local pirate radio station in Mayo called ‘KISS FM’. Remember the local radio station everyone listened to? We do!

And of course we lead the campaign to bring the band to Castlebar in 2013!!

THERAPY?’s sixteenth album ‘Hard Cold Fire’ has just being unleashed on to the world. The band have being releasing music for over 32 years and continue to have a strong fan base around the world.

To say THERAPY? are now in the Irish hall of Fame when it comes to legendary status. THERAPY? Are legends.

But this does not mean the band are now at an age that they have begun phoning it in?

Northern Ireland Rockers THERAPY? Still remain a valid band in 2023  on new album ‘Hard Cold Fire’

No absolutely not!

You will see why and hear why THERAPY? continue to remain  an important Irish act almost immediately on opening track ‘They Shoot The Terrible Monster’’ to ‘Bewildered Herd’

You get the feeling  that this time around THERAPY? really want to shake things up and get back to what made them so unique in the first place. 

In total they are 10 tracks on ‘Hard Cold Fire’ that mean business from the get go. The album is short and sweet that never outstays its welcome clocking in at 31 minutes. 

‘Hard Cold Fire’ THERAPY?’s sixteenth album has just reached number 4 in The UK Album charts,  we can understand why there is so much talk around this new album and why THERAPY? remain one of the most important bands of our generation 


Finbar Hoban

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