Track of the Day: Driven Snow release fourth single to date

The fourth song to date, “In Moonlight” adds a new texture and dimension to the duo’s emerging catalogue. The jaunty, upbeat instrumentation, rhythms and vocals clash seamlessly with a sorry but familiar tale of a land where housing crisis threatens the life and spirit of its cities.

“It is about the difficulty of being a musician in the city,” Kieran and Emily explain. “The feeling that you have to sacrifice, beyond what’s reasonable, just to survive.”

Tired of forever being sounding boards for each other’s songs, Kieran and Emily worked away quietly on a collaborative musical venture for a number of years

The fledgling song grew out of a challenge, set by producer Tommy McLaughlin, to write something faster and louder than the rest of their tunes. And somehow it manages to be both melancholy and optimistic, searching and resolute, thoughtful and upbeat. Played live it gets a lasting reaction and is a perfect example of Driven Snow developing their sound while keeping to their strengths: making music that means something.”

Driven Snow’s releases over the last year or so have brought them a steadily increasing level of coverage including a feature in Sunday Times Magazine and airplay throughout Ireland (including National playlists on RTE and BBC NI) as well as plays across the UK, Europe and as far afield as USA, Canada, South Africa and Mexico..

Having played their first live shows earlier this year Driven Snow will be going back out on the road over the summer, bringing joy and sunshine to kindred spirits!

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