Track of the Day: Limerick’s BIG GENERATOR are back with new single

Nothing, amidst a turbulent world filled with famine, war, and global warming, ‘Nothing’ emerges as Big Generator’s defiant anthem, urging us to cast aside worry.
In the face of adversity, our best effort is all we can give, for in the grand scheme of things, our problems dissolve into insignificance, live your life to the fullest”

Track of the Day: Limericks Big Generator are back with new single ‘Nothing’

Big Generator’s ‘Nothing’ fires you with electrifying guitars, thundering drums, forging an indie grunge / classic rock anthem that defies worry. With a timeless fusion of raw power and infectious hooks, this explosive track reminds us that in the grand symphony of life, our problems are but fleeting echoes of Nothingness.”

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