Track of the Day: Limerick’s finest ‘Raging Sons’ return with new track ‘Talk’

Talk’ is a journey back to our origins, back to our youth, back to where it all began. We, ‘Raging Sons’, push artistically to represent a spirit of youth embodied by rebellion, the abandonment of inhibition and the feeling of unapologetic authenticity.

States of being that we grow out of in adulthood. ‘Talk’ is a defiant call back to our former selves, it’s “everything now”.

Track of the Day: Purveyors of alternative rock, Limerick (Ireland) based trio Raging Sons are back with new single ‘Talk’

A stand-alone single for now, ‘Talk” is the first release of 2023 for Raging Sons. 

The aforementioned themes were not only inspiration for the lyrical content of ‘Talk’ but also for it musically, a conscious shift in gears in our style represented by its raw, gritty, unapologetic sound.

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