Track of The Day: Kilkenny Artist Nicki Cummins flourishes on recent single ‘Cold River’

She previously played  in the band ‘Vickers Vimy’ before eventually taking her own path. Fintan Hanley of Vickers Vimy has produced this single.

Cold River’ is the debut single by Nicki Cummins.

It envelops themes of Life, Love and Death.

Romantic, platonic and familiar love.

It also encompasses grief for Our Earth that we live, love and die on.

The constant of what our earth has been, and seems no longer is.

This song is about the feeling ‘I/We let it Happen’.

Track Of The Day: NICKI CUMMINS has just released her brand new track COLD RIVER

Mary Greene of Greenshine, the wonderful and inspiring Irish trio said of Cold River;

 “What a beautiful and atmospheric song ‘Cold River’ is and a stunning debut by Nicki Cummins. The vocals are superb and the production by Fintan Hanley of Vickers Vimy perfectly captures the other-worldly atmosphere of the song. ‘Cold River’ draws you in and invites repeated listens.”

We would most certainly have to agree, check out the track for yourself.

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