EP of the Day: Ballina artist Dave Devaney experiences growth on new EP

Mayo has produced some wonderful singer songwriters over the last five years. And Ballina artist Dave Devaney is a fine example of this.

Dave Devaney has being working hard on his latest EP “Going West” for some time now. Spending the time working on his craft like a fine carpenter.

The six track EP is like tapping into an animated energy of the universe that often gives you goosebumps.

EP of the Day: Ballina songwriter Dave Devaney releases new EP ‘Going West’

Right from the opening track ‘Leaving on a Sunday’ you know Devaney means business.

There are a couple of stand out tracks on this EP,  but so far  ‘Evolve’ and ‘Leaving on a Sunday’ and “Down is The Feeling’ are three of our favourites. 

There are also hints of the sound of ‘Americana’ on a few of the tracks here but Devaney never strays from his sound. He knows what he wants when it comes to a well paced and polished track.

 The theme  and the songwriting on the songs on ‘Going West’ here are structured very well and something Devaney should be very proud of.

We have listened to ‘Going West’ a number of times now and we continue to discover something new every single time.

One minute ‘Evolve’ is our favourite track and then it changes to ‘Something Inside’ 

At times there maybe moments harking back to some of Neil Young’s finest work. 

And then we have the closing  track on the EP ‘Down is the Feeling’ that slightly reminds us of ‘The War on Drugs’, leaving this EP a very engaging and enjoyable  piece of music to the listener.

Not one track sounds the same. So the question is, can we categorise this EP into one genre of music? 

We don’t think so, which is never a bad thing at all. 

Finbar Hoban 


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