FONTAINES D.C. cover THE CURE’s “Just like Heaven”

I have always being a really big fan of THE CURE and I have always being pretty sceptical about other acts or artists that cover the band’s work. 

With only a month away until FONTAINES D.C. release their highly anticipated third album “Skinty Fia” the band look set to have another hit on their hands with early reviews suggesting this could be the band’s best work yet. The band will also be releasing a new single from the album this coming Monday March 21st and we will have an exclusive on the song here at Finbar Hoban Presents.

FONTAINES D.C. cover THE CURE’s Just Like Heaven

The band recently covered a track of one of our favourite bands The Cure and we think it hits the nail on the head. 

We think Grian Chatten’s vocals compliment Robert Smiths vocals without going overboard. 

You can decide for yourself, check out a video of the version below. 


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