Irish band ‘Ibex’ release funk grunge influenced track ‘Tragic Mystery’

Ibex are an irish band who have just released  a new single titled “Tragic Mystery” at the end of last year .

The band are influenced by many genres together and for “Tragic Mystery” they have created an uplifting Grunge/Funk sounding song.


Irish act IBEX say that they’re influences are compromised of funk and grunge

The bands drummer has produced and mastered the mix as Silver Skin audio , a production team consisting of himself and Adam, the bands  bassist.

Daniel, vocalist/guitarist, wrote the song then as a group the arrangement and composition was decided. They all recorded the music separately with our home studios/setups. They released first Single “Step out” on 17th of May 2019 then our follow up EP “Dreamland” on the 14th of June 2019.

The band plan to have further releases in 2021 but in the meantime check out the track Tragic Mystery below


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