Lisa Gorry is about to stun the Irish music scene with brand new single “Parts”

We are so happy that so many of you out there in music land across Ireland have contacted us over the past number of months. Hopefully our blog will continue to be a strong format for Irish artists and band’s to get their name out there.

Let me begin by saying Ireland really has a wealth of talent out there that seems to have gone unnoticed. Why? Well i am not really sure why. I often feel that we are brainwashed into listening and thinking as to what is on some of our national radio broadcasters and this is totally wrong!

I do hope radio stations pick up on this next track because it deserves serious radio air play!! We have just been given a preview of Lisa Gorry’s brand new single and we are totally blown away! In fact i would’nt be suprised if she is picked to play Other Voices on RTE this Autumn.


Lisa Gorry is a songwriter based in Dublin but originally from Kildare. Lisa is releasing her brand new single “Parts” on August 21st and we got a preview of the track this week, and needless to say we are confident that this young lady has a very bright future ahead on the Irish music scene. And remember you heard it here first!!

The fabulous voice of Lisa Gorry will leave you amazed when she releases her brand new track “Parts” on August 21st


Her debut single, “Parts”, is a poignant insight into the dawning of self-worth after a break-up. Produced by Kevin Brennan Wavefarm Productions, Gorry explores the realisation that we are more than we make ourselves feel in the wake of a split and confirms that there are parts of us that emerge, slightly bruised, but better off. Lullaby-like, “Parts” mimics the natural ups and downs of self-realisation through moving orchestral arrangements and a raw vocal performance. In honour of her first release, Gorry will be hosting a Parts Launch Party in the Vintage Room of the Workman’s Club on August 23rd, bringing together a band for the first time.
With her hyper-sentimental lyrics and emotive performance style, the formidable Gorry earns a deserved reputation as one to watch for 2019. Reminiscent of an early Damien Rice, her lyrics explore love and loss in an ultimately uplifting portrayal of what it’s like to navigate relationships in this modern era, affirming that you can still feel down while knowing your worth.

Art work for the upcoming new single from Lisa Gorry set to be released on August 21st


A Kildare native, Gorry is no stranger to the open mic scene, where her combination of relatable lyrics and tender vocal tones have been honed to craft an intimate performance style. Performing around Dublin since 2010, she found herself accidentally sharing stages with the likes of Gavin James and Kodaline. Having taken a break from music for a couple of years, the composition of “Parts” heralds the start of a new music journey, a more self-assured and purposeful one. Performing early this year before a spellbound audience in the packed-to-capacity Ruby Sessions, her lyrics echo the sentiments of a young Joni Mitchell with the vocal prowess of Dusty Springfield & emotive power of Janis Joplin.

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