LP of the month: Dr Mindflip give us those good Jazzy feels on new LP “How are You Fixed”

Yes, it’s always lovely to chat about local music, but when it is music from your own hometown it makes it all the more sweeter.

And when  I say hometown I mean Castlebar! So let’s take a look at the new LP from DR. MINDFLIP called “How are You Fixed?”

The band could be described as visiting your local shrink on a Monday night on steroids. With psychedelic influences that could be compared to Captain Beefheart Dr Mindflip know no boundaries to investigating the world of the weird. Because if you are looking for some Elton John love songs here you have come to wrong the place. 

DR MINDFLIP’s most recent LP “How are You Fixed” sees the psychedelic outfit churn out further rock opera for the mind

Dr.Mindflip are a masked, alternative Irish ensemble that oozes out hallucinogenic piano pop, funky dreams and jazzy nightmares. Their theatrical live shows have made them a cult favourite on the festival circuit. They’ve gained infamy for their prolific and bizarre interactive installations at Electric Picnic, Arcadian Fields, Rather Gather etc., with projects such as their choose-your-own-adventure murder mystery—set inside a funeral carriage—; an Irish kitchen-cum-rave in the interior of a giant toaster; and, a travelling science education game-slash-electric chair.

The band have an ever-growing collection of psychedelic Christmas covers, growing at roughly one per year. Their 2018 LP ‘Roominations’ —a rock opera and concept album inspired by one of the worst movies ever made— was acclaimed as one of the best Irish indie releases of 2018. Their long-awaited second LP ‘How are you fixed?’ is a thick slab of colourful intensity, coupled with ornamentally delivered but deliberate lyrics dealing with anxiety, self-reflection, media sickness, covid lockdown and mental health. The album is a digital-only release 4th, and a limited vinyl run can be ordered from drmindflip.bandcamp.com.

How are You Fixed is an enjoyable romp that lets the listener drift off to another world for a short while. Prepared to get to mind fucked! Bring on the next LP.

Check out the video for “Easy” from the LP below!

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