New wave artist Jack Dora is back with latest single ‘Oh so Lonely Man’

Infused with the glistening synth-pop hooks of the ’80s and Prince-inspired vocals, ‘Oh so Lonely Man’ is in Dora’s own words, “​a song about all the relentless pent up sexual frustration we’ve all been feeling this past year. It’s for all the lonely souls out there who want to go get groovy on some sweaty dance floor under a huge revolving disco ball and fall in love for a few hours​.”

Keeping the family’s creative flair going strong, the music video was co-directed and shot by Dara Tah (Dora’s older brother), a prominent content creator who has received over 8.6 million likes on TikTok and has over 300,000 followers. It features Dora carrying out his banal daily routine, and his crazed disco-loving alter ego inviting us all to the kind of parties that we want to get back to.


New Wave artist Jack Dora releases video for ‘Oh So Lonely Man’

The track was recorded and produced by Dora himself in his bedroom studio in Dublin.
Citing influences such as Grace Jones, Roisín Murphy, Depeche Mode and Billy Idol, ‘Oh so Lonely Man’ is an archetypal soundtrack to youth culture and a Covid anthem for all those lonely souls out there yearning for a night on the town.

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